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2011: PromoBALL Bartosz Nowicki

June 1, 2011 PromoBALL was founded to develop the industry in Poland, promotional balls.

From February 2012 PromoBALL has also become a partner Slovenian manufacturer of printed towels BearDream®.

The Company has provided PromoBALL promotional balls for brands such as: Lenovo, T-Mobile, Canal+, Peugeot, B/S/H.

2002: NOWICKA Holding LTD

The company was founded to distribute shoes and soccer balls adidas.

Promotional balls projects for companies such as: Telekomunikacja Polska S.A, Aral Polska, Shell Polska czy Kompania Piwowarska S.A..

1999: VEGA Europe Marek Nowicki

VEGA Europe - direct importer balls VEGA for further           distribution in Europe. later distributor NIKE.

One of the major projects that they receive the ball with the logo of the Western airlines.

1993: Powerman & co

The company, founded by Mark Nowicki and Janusz Rusinek, to wholesale sports equipment, including balls VEGA and skate parks.

The company advertising the idea of ​​balls. One of the first promotional balls for volleyball, have been produced for Plus GSM.

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